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Thursday, December 16, 2010

and so i started this blog

A year ago on the date am writing this I was mugged. Its been a year and for some reason I can still remember the date. Recently the date of my mugging has been the way I know time has passed. Most people remember their birthdays; some think of anniversaries and others Christmas but for me the day I was mugged stays, I think it cannot have been a year that was too fast. It was a horrible mugging one that I have written about before, one that got me scared for a really long time one in which I was beaten and stomped on. I lost more than my phone I lost some of my faith in Nairobi. At the same time it gave me this gift. I sat down and wrote about being mugged and the words flowed. Words of anger, confusion, puzzlement and for some humour. And so I started this blog.

Almost a month later I was arrested, thrown into jail for no reason that could be discerned. The sights and sounds and especially the smells of jail are something that stays with someone forever. Even in that short night in the cell I saw brutality, depravity and indignity. The smell of shit pervaded my every pore, the fear only added to the stink and the lack of fresh air was the only reason I could fall asleep. Two of the worst nights in my life followed on the heels of each other as a result I could trust neither the police nor the robbers and most of all I couldn’t trust the night life of Nairobi. I withdrew into hermitage but that experience gave me another story that was begging to be told and so I did. And so I started this blog.

Later in the year I involved myself in student politics and I threw the whole of me into the pursuit of office, the head, the body, the spirit and the soul all I ended up with was the hurt. I found out a lot about myself and the justification that politicians give themselves when asking whether they can be of service or if in fact they want to. It was interesting to see politics first hand to witness the producing of mini-machetes and hear people calmly recounting how they would go to the supermarket to buy up trolleys of the big kind. it was uplifting to consider what the best things to say to people to inspire them was. It was disheartening to come face to face with all the things that go wrong. To consider the plight of the white knight who couldn’t help turning black as his quest took him to further reaches of the kingdom and showed him the darkestdepths of his souls and his capabilities and then there was all the hurt. And so I started this blog.

Even later in the year I had this chance to travel around east Africa. I went from Uganda to Rwanda. The people I met there, the experiences I had were more than I can recount in the paragraph limit I have given myself. It showed me that there is a whole world out there of people we may never meet, a whole world of people leaving their lives as best as they can, a whole world that makes our lives richer by experiencing it. I saw translated movies and 750 ml. beers. I found it impossible to cross roads whether it was due to the motorcycles whizzing by without regard to road rules or the fact that everyone was driving on the wrong, I mean right side of the road. And I missed sukumawiki more than I thought it was possible to miss a vegetable. I don’t miss it so much right now in case anyone was wondering (I mean every day?) and so I started this blog.

Over the year I was also able to write about a love so painful, so destructive, the only real description for it was addiction. And the consequences of that as it led down a path that none of us should ever have to walk. I mused about the dangerous seductiveness of smoking and the reasons I would always be irresistibly drawn to it at least until I could finally get it. I also listened to the experimental instrumentals, the painful lyrics and the haunting beauty that is the music of we were four and so I started this blog.

But the real reason I decided to start the blog was that there were people who thought I was good enough to start one. Every word of encouragement, every comment, every like was a boon. It was an amazing feeling to know that people actually read what I wrote and that some actually liked it. It was because of the people who seemed to enjoy my writing that I decided to do it. Its an amazing experience to write something that people want to read and for that you all deserve my thanks. (here's hoping this blog has some readers.)