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Thursday, July 7, 2011


When I was young (which is so close to modern memory I feel obligated to add the suffix-er). We played this game where we ran around and if you were touched it was your turn to run around chasing somebody and so on and so on. We called it hicho but the children on TV called it tag, being caught was known as being tagged and it was a bad thing, except not really cos now you got to tag someone else. When the internet came around facebook changed the meaning of that word so completely it seems to have been invented simply for that site.
I was recently tagged by pitzevans, which means I should say here 7 things about myself and then tag 3 other people to do the same,My three tagees are Crystal, Nyambura and Spinster.
below is my list.

1. This is the first such list I ever wrote. A couple of years ago there was a thing on facebook about 25 things no one knows about you or something and it seems everyone put up a note but I never got around to it. I have no recollection of why just that it never happened for me.

2. My moment of failure has always been my moment of greatest exertion. I have a bad habit of consistently grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory, shooting myself in the foot so often I don’t know how not to. If something is there for the taking I refuse to touch it and I wait till it’s unavailable. There is nothing I will fight for more than a lost cause and am not sure why, maybe because if it was lost anyway all those bullets spent in pursuit were meant to be wasted and even if i fail, I was always going to. There are people who love the chase but it feels like what I really hanker for is futility and futility can become so frustrating.

3. I love to read, all the time and wherever I am. I love words when they come together and love it even more when those words can take apart the very fabric of humanity. When I have a phone with internet I’ll be online in every matatu or bus, I’ll read blogs and news and reviews. I’ll look for good writing everywhere I go and then get so frustrated on those days when I don’t have enough credit to say hallo to the internet. When, as inevitably happens that phone changes ownership by crook I find books again, I’ll carry a book everywhere, I’ll carry one to the bar and if am going to a party I’ll put it in a bag because any opportunity to pick it out and find inside its words an adventure, a person I like and care about, a philosophy that makes me think will have been worth it.

4. I drink water all the time. I get up in the morning to a glass of water or three before I have breakfast, I pepper my day with water breaks and drink whenever I can. But the glass of water I love the most is the one you find at home after a long day, a long hot tiring day when even the saliva in your mouth has taken a go-slow and when you swallow only muscle moves. At this point I pour a glass of cool water, not cold because that only serves to slow you down, but a long clear glass of cool water. I love putting this water to my mouth and not stopping till the last drop is gone, and when it goes down you can feel it course through your body down your throat and into your stomach, that is it.

5. I prefer being awake in morning to the night. I hated the days before DVD when if I wanted to watch a program I would have to stay awake till after news and watch it come on TV. I hated that because I would invariably dose off. From 9:50 till 10:10 was ok. That I could do, no problem, then there would be that ten minute break before it started up again. During that break I would take those tell tale yawns and have those back itches that always signify that the end of the day is nigh. But I would take measures to stave sleep off, no blanket, no socks, just a t-shirt and that would work then just before the show would climax I would black out, waking up again in the middle of 11 o’clock news.

6. Me and computers are not the best of friends. I don’t know why but I get very tired trying to learn to do anything with a computer or on internet. A few months ago I wanted to put a picture on a post for this blog, it was a post about pipes and this was an elephantine pipe, by that I mean a pipe on an elephant. Those are some animals who can drive around a vitz without any feeling of emasculation. But I couldn’t do it, I had the picture on my flash disk and everything ready to go then I just couldn’t find the button for uploading and I promised myself to learn but I have been very lazy

7. I can remember being seven years old, I can remember that was an age filled with this sense of adventure and creation. I had just watched a movie about quicksand and I was determined to make some for myself. I took this container and mixed up mud and sludge and water in there till it was nice and watery, soft enough to sink in. I would then look for little ants and try to trap them in there because I was young and na├»ve and a god-complex waiting to happen, let’s just say it did not work.