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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

taking the plunge

You see for all the ways I see myself as innovative and responsive to the changing tides of the world a move to something new, something I have to work at that doesn't come intuitively is a problem, it's a major problem for me.

According to the movie, the social network,(which was one of my favourite movies last year, the dialogue from the opening scene with 4 or 5 conversations starting and stopping midstream, just to have the threads picked up from where they were left and weaved into an amazing tapestry of awesomeness through to the end which felt so sad, so isolating and I can't help throw in this pun that only makes sense if you've watched it, one of the most refreshing endings ever.) well according to that movie facebook has been around for years. Since 2004 actually but I remember joining it pretty late.

It was a year or two after high school. This was probably late 2006 or early 2007 I can't remember which. But I can remember the scene, the time, the place, even the people who dragged me to that website. This was late to be joining everyone I knew was on facebook by that time, they had joined and uploaded pictures, they had shattered relationships by then and I didn't even know the site was white and blue. Anyway I was chilling with these schoolmates of mine, former schoolmates of mine and one of them had keys to an office on the top floor of a building in town. He had to go drop off these keys or something at this building.

You know as I try to think about it I can't for the life of me remember which building it was, it was very tall, 15 or so floors and it may have been near the A-g's office or near the Alliance francaise. Can't remember the name of the building. But I followed these guys in. After high school you don't see people too often and in a school like the one I was in, one devoid of animosity and unpleasant tensions any opportunity to hang is a good one.

I like empty buildings at night. There is no sound for miles, sometimes the light is still on and the elevator works, but they're spooky and eerie in a good way though, a way I can get behind. They remind me of cutting off a chicken’s head and then letting it run. Even without a head good luck catching that chicken, it starts squawking(OK, it can't squawk without a head but it looks like it wants to.) so this chicken will run around everywhere even try to take flight not knowing that it's dead, like the guy who goes to sleep and wakes up dead. That's how an empty building is, it has no purpose there's no life in it, its soul is gone and it has no clue, press an elevator button and the elevator will come for you and open up. If you don't switch off the lights or the computers they still stay on, till someone comes along. But buildings were made for people and if there are no people then it's just a dead shell of stone and circuitry, a corpse with glass eyes and a stone heart with veins carrying electricity and arteries carrying water.

Anyway we went to this building and to pass the time as we waited for whatever it is 18 year old boys wait for in empty buildings at night we passed the time surfing the internet, which is when it came out that I didn't have a facebook account. How? They asked with incredulity that would be repeated at another meeting in a building near Alliance 5 years later. No, no, they said we can't let this state of affairs continue, so I sat and opened my facebook account. it has to this day the longest password I have ever put on anything.

I was never very active on facebook, I don't know why, I lost phones so often and kept getting phones with no internet and so that was not an option. Then twitter came along before I had fully gotten the hang of facebook. I remember a classic update I saw on facebook when they changed everything about themselves(the site) “facebook is like a woman” the update said “as soon as you start to understand her she changes.” and I was neglecting this woman, I never wrote her messages or tried to meet her friends, I never showed her how I looked or where I was, I never shared what I was going through and when i talked to people around her I would do it in whispers. Understandably I never quite got it but it was easy so I never had to in order to use it, then twitter came along and I was understandably floored, I didn't even give it a chance, I was judgemental. I said it was for people who wanted to share too much of themselves, for the narcissistic who would presume to think that anyone else is interested in their lives and daily happenings, the irony of thinking this even when I had a blog such as this is not lost on me. And I should apologise to all twitter account holders and promise not to call them twats again because I would be calling myself a twat.

Anyway a week or so ago I went to a building near the Alliance for this bake meeting for Kenyan bloggers, the looks when I said I had no twitter account! This is where I would say I don't bow down to peer pressure but I do, I do. I just needed a jolt and this was the jolt. I have for a long time admitted to myself that twitter is probably the future. I was beaten to joining it by the pope, by our chief justice, maybe even our president. So I joined twitter, for real now, again I have no internet capable phone but nevertheless I will try to nurture this account, to grow it from an egg to a bird, I hope that's how it goes because they at first gave me an egg as my profile pic. Am not sure I’ll be very good at this but I promise to try.

So if you like this blog but want less of it you can follow on this account here