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Monday, August 8, 2011

a tale of two boys

These two guys avid smokers of the marijuana, were walking around one day. They loved how it made them feel, a few puffs later the whole world seemed better, they got light headed and had conversations about anything, they opened up to each other and talked, just talked. They were weed buddies.

Where they lived marijuana was illegal, so illegal they could go to jail for it, so they laced their crimes with alcohol and took a swig every once in a while ostensibly to hide the smell on their breath but really because they enjoyed that drug too. In order to get to the wines and spirits where they bought the alcohol they had to walk down a road, a dusty road which took them behind people's houses to a path not ordinarily taken. It was like a road from a movie, the surrounding houses all had really high walls, the rich need high walls to protect their wealth and hide their sins at the same time was a thought that ran through the mind of one of the boys as they walked around this place putting their weed in their lungs and their alcohol in their bellies.

But they were scared, there are a thousand quotes about fear, many say that it is not the absence but the conquering of fear that makes sense, that makes a man strong and turns him to that from a boy, f it is only when you take emotions that would weaken you at your knees, emotions that would deign to reign over you and make you their bitch, when you take those very things and bitchify them are on the road to manhood. And so they conquered their fears every time they walked this road, fears of being caught by police, they had had run-ins with the man before, all the time. they had been arrested and slapped around by overzealous police officers, they had bribed their way out of purgatory, these things had happened, so they knew they could happen again, so when they committed their crimes they were alert, alert to every possibility, every probability that could get them in jail or worse.

Did I mention they lived near rich people? Well they did. The kind of people who would have police officers posted to their gates to take care of their belongings. This was the kind of neighbourhood they lived in and they saw a couple of these police officers one day. They saw them at their post and then things began to make sense,

I should start at the beginning of this particular episode whose events stretched 3 weeks but had their culmination in the realisation that there were police posted at their neighbour's house, you see one Sunday 3 weeks before as they engaged in the type of spiritual communion they had personally chosen their sermon was interrupted from behind one of those walls. A Tall wall from behind which an even taller apartment building resided and inside this building a woman lived this woman took issue with them blowing fumes of their vegetable of choice and shouted at them to stop. she told them it was bad manners and in all manner of ways made them feel uncomfortable and scared, one of the boys conquered his fear at being caught and shouted back some retorts. But they were shook to tell you the truth. To the core, her every syllable was a tremor and they were the site of an earthquake high on the Richter scale.

They put this incident out of their heads because that's what people who take drugs do. In the middle of the week at around 5:30 p.m. they were again walking down this road, alcohol in their hands, reefers in their pockets, matchsticks and boxes making an unholy racket as they shook themselves over and over. They could see to the end of the road and they saw a couple of men standing around and doing nothing . The more paranoid of the 2 said they may be police and they put the alcohol away because in kenya even alcohol can be illegal. Those weren't police but when they turned the corner what they saw definitely were. Have you ever seen kenyan police and their overkill. They have on their uniform which is always issued devoid of smiles and in the place of an upturned facial gesture signifying friendliness and approachability they have these AK-47's huge guns with bullet clips for days. These guys have a license to kill.

When these two recreational drug dealers saw these two policemen their hearts froze and entered their throats ensuring they got sore throats from this experience. They walked on without missing a beat maybe that's the best thing about cold hearts their reactions are much cooler. They walked on and even said hello to the policemen as they passed each other.

Mentally however they were doing gymnastics and they though the lady from the previous Sunday had made good on her threat and that now they would forever be patrolled.

However in 2 weeks they were there. Passing back home when they saw that a neighbour of theirs actually had police in AK's protecting his house. As quickly as they could they revised their thought process and decided that the policemen they had seen must have been these guys going home or to a station at the end of a long day. With this in their minds they felt at peace lighting another reefer.

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  1. Perception is everything =) Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever try a reefer. But then I worry that I could end up getting higher than I naturally am ... *cheeky grin*