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Monday, April 2, 2012

ryan air flight 1 (28/03)

The flight from norway to Poland takes 2 hours, actually 1 hour fifty minutes. So why do I have to leave at 9 in the morning to get there at 8 at night?

Trains, fucking trains and Ryan air. If you want to travel in Europe and like me find funds  a limited resource you need Ryan air. It will take you anywhere for cheap, anywhere. Costs less to go to Poland and come back  than a flight from Nairobi to Mombasa one way. This is the kind of business we need in Africa, something that caters to the masses providing a thing that is considered a luxury to the now burgeoining muddle class. That is my bit of business advice for anyone who thinks they stumbled onto a business blog and is willing to take said advice from a person who has to use Ryan air to get around. Another thing about Ryan air is that like all too good things its ephemeral, its right now and if you don't jump on the bandwagon you can find yourself passed by. I remember in the vague recesses of my mind a business review of them and the reason they can have such cheap flights compared to other airlines;pension and insurance. Right now the work force is young, new blood air hosts and hostesses, no pensions to pay out which means that all the expenses are fuel and salaries. You can cut down on fuel by cutting down on weight, making people pay for every extra piece of baggage, sell the food, sell the drinks, sell the priority to board first, sell the boarding passes if someone deosn't print out their own and soon it comes to a point where a profit is turned,

It took me an 8 hour journey to get to the airport. I had to go to the check in and at one of the cues there and standing before me was the most beautiful girl in the world. I had been reading a book on my way there, Another day of life by Ryszard Kapuscinski, a great Polish writer. He talks about this one girl he met in Angola when all else around him was danger and death. He and his friends were astounded by her beauty but when he gets back home and develops the pictures she doesn't look quite as she did before he shows the picture to his former companions and they all agree in silence because the death of a myth needs a moment. He says that we often create the beauty of women. And its something am guilty of, its like I can't bear to have the most beautful woman in the world far away from me. When am in Kenya she is too. She's been in Egypt and now she's in Norway. My favourite and constant travelling companion.

We finally get on the plane  I sit down next to this Norwegian school teacher who was a peacecorp participant in 1984, a long time ago. An infinity if you think that I hadn't existed even as a thought back then. We have the liveliest flight crew I have ever been attended by, they are all from different European countries and maybe just meeting, they talk and joke with each other, they make mistakes with the safety presentations, their laughter mmuch more buoyant than the life jackets they suggest we wear. Am supposed to be on seat 39 and there's no seat 39, I tell the stewardess and she says,

""there's no seating plan,  welcome to ryan air!"

There's a group of children on the flight. its nice to fly with kids, they use the aisles as a playground jumping up and down them, squealing, laughing and being joyful. As we near Poland one of them starts shouting out "that's Poland, and that's Poland and that's Poland" as she points out of the window. Her squeals of delight ring through the aircraft. Unabashed hope and happiness, the joy of a new thing. Poland

She sounds so happy, so pleased with herself, the land of Poland is laid out beneath her feet and everywhere she looks there is Poland and in that is captured how I feel about the trip. Then I look out of the window to my first sighting of Krakow. I think all city flights should land at night. When you do this you see a black and red x ray of the streets, the buildings, the sides and the body of the city. You can see the veinous roads lined by streetlights equidistant from each other. Showing the way to every small place. You can see the dark bloaches of nothing, where there's no light penetrating and you can see the tall buildings reaching out to caress your face. The sky is beautiful, the stars shining, but there is nothing more beautiful than this endeavour to make something out of nothing, to build a million new towers of babels with sparkling lights to rival the brightest of skies.

As we land ryan air blow their own horn. a trumpet sounds and you hear an announcement that they have made another on time flight. Just like 90% of their flights last year, "ryan air, not just the low cost but also the on time airline."

I get out of the plane and land in poland finally. The city of the pope, vodka and the new most beautiful girl in the world i just have to go out there and create the myth. but as usual there is noone waiting for me at the airport...


  1. One thing I like about you is you get to the airport with a blank slate and no one to welcome you, then you go ahead and make the new city home regardless. It's a really cool thing =)

    1. usually there's supposed to be a welcome wagon but its always late, always even when i went back home to kenya