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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

wayward tweets on the presidential debate

There's a game called mafia. The rules of the game are simple, there are four categories of people; a god, citizens, killers and an angel. Scraps of paper are passed around telling all the players who they are. Then on the instructions of the god everyone shuts their eyes, the god then asks the killers to open their eyes and choose someone to kill and reclose their eyes, asks the angel to open her eyes and choose someone to save and reclose her eyes, then asks everyone to open their eyes and tells them whether someone died or not during the night. Here the real fun starts, if somebody died (even if they didn't) you all get to argue about who you think the killer is and then you hang whoever you accuse and they are out of the game along with whoever died. This goes on until either all the killers die or all the citizens die. It a game that involves a lot of arguing and convincing. Only the killers know who the other killer is so they can collude to destroy the populace.

Last weekend was the chinese new year, i played the chinese version of this game with some chinese people as they waited the beginning of the year of the snake. Their version is more complicated. The angel is called a witch, there are extra characters; a cupid whose job it is to fuse two people together so that they share each other's fate, these two have their eyes opened by god and they show each other their cards, there is a predictor who can ask god who the killer and be told if they are right or wrong. There is an added element of deception because it is perfectly ok to claim to be the predictor and only the real predictor will know you lie. You can do this and claim insider knowledge of what's going on.

The different levels of complexity between these games corresponds to watching the kenyan presidential debate as compared to any other debate i have written about here. There were 8 candidates for one thing, another is the depth of issues that need to be covered. The ICC and potential criminality, what's happening in Somalia, the health problem we have, tribalism, corruption and add to this the fact that i care more about this than the rest. 

I had this idea that i should live tweet the debate. I did and i am all writ out on that subject, so i found a way to collect all the tweets in a readable, chronological version. 

Here is a link to the story on the site that allowed me to collect them all. So if you would like a written live opinion or set of opinion on the debate you can click on it and(hopefully) enjoy.

the tweets include such gems as(there's also other more insightful stuff)

audience of 40 million how?there are children under the age of 10 not watching

only when you are UK can you call ICC crimes against humanity "personal challenges"

dida makes first mention of marijuana and all you judgers thought that would be someone else

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